Weican Textile

Weican Textile belongs to Tangren Group. The company integrates the research and development, production and sales of sportswear fabrics. We have 15 employees of technician,more than 20 circular knitting machines with annual capacity of 1,200 tons.


We mainly focus on the R&D and production of functional fabrics, stretched fabrics, jacquard fabrics, and sustainable fabrics etc. Our category includes: moisture wicking and quick drying, anti-UV, anti-static, antibacterial and deodorizing, "three-proof" treatment, There are thousands of types of jersey, interlock, rib, terry etc.


Weican Textile has always implemented the principle of "quality is the orientation reputation is the root" and centered on the interests of customers. We have been keeping a long-term business relationship with our printing and dyeing mill. In order to ensure the quality of fabrics, the company implements a full inspection and grading responsibility system for greige, and fabric problems can be traced throughout the entire process.


Therefore, TangRen will gain greater advantages in the following aspects;

1)Be able to master the first-hand raw material costs and provide more cheaper prices

2)Strengthen the development of fabric efforts, Higher flexibility in products and pricing

3)Shorter the lead time and better control on delivery and the fabric quality.

Fabric Warehouse


Knitting Workshop