Recycled Polyester

Something old and something new makes something better!

We’re all familiar with the look, feel, and quality of polyester. Functional polyester is the perfect fabric for high-quality sportswear.

Polyester made from recycled clothing or plastic (PET) bottles can also be used to make new functional active,- outdoor or workwear. Doing this helps to reduce the “waste mountain”. And what’s more, this method doesn’t require the use of large amounts of fossil raw materials. The resulting fabric is no different from regular polyester – it looks and feels the same. All our recycled polyester garments are GRS certified.

By using recycled polyester, we support the circular economy and help reduce waste, Co2 emissions, and energy consumption.


5 plastic bottles = 1 T-shirt

1 old T-shirt = 1 new T-shirt


The use of recycled polyester helps to reduce:
– The “waste mountain” – Co2 emissions – Energy consumption

Dope Dye

These clothes are dope!

 One of the biggest causes of pollution within the fashion industry is the use of traditional dyeing methods. We want to change this. That’s why we use a new technique called dope dye.

In dope dyeing, yarn is dyed during the spinning process. Colour pigments and polymer pellets are combined using heat and melted directly into the yarn as it is spun.

The dope dye process has significant eco-friendly advantages over traditional techniques:

 It needs almost no water.

It produces no chemical-laden wastewater

It uses less energy. 



Coffee! We’ve been enjoying it for centuries.

But did you know you can also enjoy the benefits of your daily coffee long after you’ve drained your cup?

We use carbonised coffee grounds as a natural alternative to chemicals, adding it to yarns or treating fabrics with it to enhance the functionality of our collections. It’s an ideal solution for activewear, outdoor clothing or workwear.

By choosing to use sustainable methods, we can help protect the environment.

The added functional benefits of using carbonised coffee grounds:

– Dry-Cool / moisture regulation  – UV protection
– Odour control  – Breathable  

We promote the use of environmentally friendly fabrics to reduce environmental pollution, at the same time, we strive to contribute to the healthy development of society, Tangren following international certification;